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at Fanwood Parks

Picasso’s Basement offers a variety of fun programs that allow children to learn about all kinds of art in a way that encourages creativity and helps them to express themselves. We are constantly adding new
programs and you are encouraged to speak to us about what kind of
classes would best work for you. Here are some of our favorites
that you can choose from.

Classes below are options
for your school, park or program!
Age suggestions are offered but programs can be tailored to any age or skill level.

  • Animal Art (Ages 3-12)

    Do you love animals? Do you want to learn how to draw them, sculpt them,
    and make them out of recycled materials? Then this is the class for you!

  • Art of the Masters (Ages 3-13)

    Explore the masters of art, from Pablo Picasso to Leonardo da Vinci to Alexander Calder.
    Learn what made them so special and create something unique and exciting using what they’ve taught us! Picasso’s Basement Artists will be inspired to use the master’s skills to create something entirely new!

  • Art That’s Eco-Smart (Age 6-14)

    Create incredible art projects from recycled items. Make unique masterpieces from surprising things. Sculpture, signs, 3-D boxes, and more!

  • Be An Illustrator (Ages 8-14)

    Want to know what it takes to be an illustrator? Draw pictures for magazines and books and products. Learn how to pick what to draw and how to get your ideas across with your artwork. Put together your own mini-portfolio!

  • Fun With Architecture (Ages 3-13)

    Architecture from around the world is part of our everyday life but it is really Art that we can live and work and play in. Artists will learn about different styles and then draw fabulous cities, create buildings out of recycled materials, and sculpt wonderful structures.

  • Make A Comic Book (Ages 8-14)

    Create stories in comic book form, draw characters and learn how comic books are put together and inked. Create your own book and when you finish it will be sent to a printer to be printed into a real book!

  • Royal Art Academy (Ages 5-14)

    Learn about Art of the Medieval era. Build your own castle, create a dragon, find out more about gargoyles and make your own, and put together a trebuchet for mini-marshmallow wars!

  • Senior Memory Projects (Seniors)

    Have Picasso's Basement work with Seniors to create beautiful pieces that capture their own memories. Projects include Collages, Paintings on canvas and Visual Memory Boxes.